Nanoeduca Kits

Nanoscience experiments in the classroom

Scientists, teachers and communicators work together in an ICN2 co-funded initiative, involving UB, UAB and CESIRE, to design a program to bring nanoscience into the classrooms: NanoEduca. It consists of three blocks: teacher training on nanoscience and nanotechnology, the utilization of a kit with nanoscience-related educative experiments and a scientific posters contest with the students as main characters. The kits are intended to offer teachers a set of interactive experiences involving nanoscience that are linked to subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or even Philosophy.

NanoEduca team

The kits were tested in a Pilot program involving over 20 schools (2015-2016). A new improved edition of 100 kits is now distributed throughout the Catalan educational network and other regions of Spain in collaboration with the Catalan Ministry of Education (Departament d'Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya). The relevance and quality of the project has been recognised with the National Science Communication Award 2018 (Premi Nacional de Comunicació Científica). The programme is funded by the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología - Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, the ICN2 Severo Ochoa Program, the University of Barcelona and the Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRi). 

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