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Wednesday, 03 February 2021

A work led by Prof. Mónica Lira is selected among the Energy Nature favourites

Nature Energy is a young journal with five years of history. To celebrate it anniversary it has published a list of the selected more prominent topics of investigation and fifteen papers, among which is a Consensus led by Prof. Mónica Lira about stability assessment of perovskite solar cells.

For the fifth anniversary of the British journal Energy Nature, it has selected the more prominent topics of investigation and fifteen papers published during these 5 years. The list has been named "Favourites after five". Amongst them, you can find one led by Prof. Monica Lira and her group:

Mark V. Khenkin, Eugene A. Katz, et. al., Mónica Lira-Cantú. Consensus Statement for Stability Assessment and Reporting for Perovskite Photovoltaics based on ISOS Procedures. Nature Energy 5, 35–49 (2020).

The paper is signed by over 30 influential researchers from around the world. It wanted to propose a consensus regarding perovskites for energy purposes, aiming to ‘unify the stability assessment and to understand failure modes’. This came after these researchers noticed a ‘lack [in] consistency in experimental procedures and parameters reported’.
The paper has gathered, in less than a year, over 100 citations.

Find here the article highlighting the selected papers:

Favourites after five. Changjun (Alex) Zhang, Elisa De Ranieri, Nicky Dean, James Gallagher, Alessandro Rubino, Elsa Couderc, Fouad Khan, Jenn Richler & Giulia Tregnago. Nature Energy. Volume 6, pages7–12. 2021.