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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

The ICN2 minimises its activity due to the State of Alarm

Since last week the ICN2 has adapted its activity level to the quickly evolving context caused by the COVID-19 disease spread. As per today, only very few ICN2 members are allowed to enter the ICN2 facilities, including the research Group led by Prof. Laura Lechuga who is leading the CONVAT project to design a tool to diagnose COVID-19. Most of the personnel will remain active working, contributing to fight this spreading disease by following the indications published by authorities as well as through research.

In view of the measures published by the Spanish Government within the declaration of State of Alarm, and also those taken by the Generalitat de Catalunya (and, in particular, regarding the CERCA Centers), the ICN2 building and the CM3 premises will remain closed until further notice. All ICN2 personnel will remain at their homes using, when possible, telework tools to continue their activity remotely.

Access to ICN2 will only be allowed to ensure the functioning of the essential services and infrastructures of the building The technical services provided by the Research Support Units and Facilities are discontinued and access to the ICN2 will only be granted in case of urgent and inescapable need.

The Group led by Prof. Laura Lechuga. Leading the CONVAT European project to design a quick diagnostic tool against coronavirus, is one of the very few exceptions that will be allowed to keep its scientific activity as long as possible. All the ICN2 Groups and members have been called to think carefully how they could contribute, personally and through science, to the effort against COVID-19.

Even in this complex context, the ICN2 community keeps doing nanoscience for a better society. Please, stay safe and follow the recommendations from health authorities.