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Wednesday, 06 March 2019

HISENTS: A tool to predict the toxicity of new nanomaterials

Today and tomorrow the European project HISENTS, which designs a platform to predict the potential toxicity of new nanomaterials on different biological aspects, is celebrating its closing meeting at the ICN2.

The European project HISENTS (High level Integrated Sensor for Nanotoxicity Screening), coordinated by the University of Leeds (United Kingdom), has allowed to advance in the creation of an advanced nanosafety platform capable of offering an evaluation of the toxicity risk of new nanomaterials. To achieve this, several miniaturized modules have been designed to represent different human physiological functions at the molecular, cellular and organic levels.

Experts from industry and research, including members of the ICN2 Group of Inorganic Nanoparticles, have been able to advance in the creation of this platform that pursues a reliable forecast of the potential health risks of new nanomaterials. The closing meeting of the project is being held at the ICN2 today and tomorrow.