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Friday, 07 October 2016

ICN2 Open Knowledge Programme is back!

ICN2 has recently announced two consecutive series of lectures of the Open Knowledge Programme. The first one, which started today, offers an overview on nanofabrication processes, tools and facilities available in the UAB Campus. The next one, to be held in November 9, 10 and 11, will consist on a TBtrans and TranSiesta Tutorial. You are welcome to join these transversal educational activities!

ICN2 proudly invites you to the new editions of the ICN2 Open Knowledge (OK) Program. As in previous editions, these series of talks offer a high scientific level and a global overview of the matter suitable for all kinds of researchers and advanced physics students.

The following modules of the OK Program are:

OK Program is a transversal educational activity designed to share knowledge within ICN2 and beyond, with the support of the ICN2 Human Resources Department. Please remember that external attendee should register through the specific link of every session, that you will find in the ICN2 website: https://icn2.cat/en/events