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Wednesday, 03 June 2015

A new book about the fundamentals of topological insulators written by ICN2 researchers

ICN2 Prof Stephan Roche and Prof Sergio Valenzuela, together with Dr Frank Ortmann, are the co-authors of a new book about topological insulators which describes the key principles and the main techniques used to study these materials. The book has been published by Wiley VCH.

Wiley VCH Publishing has just released the printed version of Topological Insulators: Fundamentals and Perspectives, a book co-wrote by ICN2 researchers and Group Leaders, ICREA Prof Stephan Roche and ICREA Prof Sergio O. Valenzuela, together with Dr Frank Ortmann, head of the Computational Nanoelectronics group at the Institute for Materials Science of the Technische Universität Dresden (Germany).

Topological insulators are characterized for allowing electrical current in their surface but being insulators in the interior. They also stand out because they can be reduced to a nanoscale level without losing conductive power: the surface states do not suffer any change when modifying the size. These properties make them materials with great potential for the developing of new applications in many fields, for example spintronics.

In the book, the authors provide a full overview and in-depth knowledge about topological insulators in materials science and condensed matter physics. The key principles about these materials and the main techniques used to study them are described and fully examined in the publication. The book can be considered a reference work about topological insulators appropriate for both advanced researchers and newcomers to this scientific field.