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Friday, 15 May 2015

The Open Knowledge Program is back: the third edition started on May 14th

A new series of Open Knowledge conferences started yesterday, on May the 14th, with a talk by Prof Stephan Roche. The topic of the third edition of the Program is ‘Fundamentals of Electronic Excitations and Spin Dynamics in Dirac Matter’ and the talks will take place at the ICN2 Seminar Hall during May and June 2015.

Yesterday, May the 14th, the third edition of the Open Knowledge Program started at the ICN2. The new series of conferences explore a fundamental approach to electronic excitations and spin dynamics in Dirac Matter. This series of talks have a high scientific level while offering a global overview of the matter suitable for all kinds of researchers and advanced Physics students. The main objective of the talks is to share knowledge that reinforces internal collaborations among ICN2 Groups and raises common interests.

This module, which has been entitled as ‘Fundamentals of Electronic Excitations and Spin Dynamics in Dirac Matter’, is coordinated by ICREA Prof Stpehan Roche, Group Leader of the Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group, together with HR & Education Department. In the new series, the talks will be delivered by Prof Roche, Dr Aron Cummings, from the same group, and Dr Marius Costache, from the Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices Group.


Prof Stephan Roche gave yesterday the first of the conferences with a talk entitled “A journey deep into the magnificent Dirac´s legacy”. It was a mostly theoretical session in which he introduced and contextualized Dirac’s work and spin dynamics remarking the most relevant historical events which led to the present situation about the topic.

Don't miss next OK program Seminar, “More about Massless Dirac Fermions Transport Physics” by Prof Stephan Roche, on Tuesday May the 19th!