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Friday, 20 March 2015

After doing 'Proves Cangur', 30 students visited ICN2 to learn about nanomaths

A group of 30 students visited ICN2 facilities after participating in the Proves Cangur, an international Mathematics Contest. At our institute they learnt about how mathematics is involved in nanotechnology research. They had a tour through the main laboratories and also they enjoyed a talk by Dr Aron Cummings.

On Thursday March the 19th, a group of 30 students from l'IES La Vall del Tenes, from Sta Eulalia de Roncana, visited ICN2 facilities to discover the nanoworld. These students came after finishing Proves Cangur, a mathematics competition which consists in solving short problems based on logic. Using this framework, their visit to the ICN2 was focused in the role of mathematics in nanotechnology.

As the first part of the visit, members of the Communication Department introduced to the students some concepts related with nano, such as what a nanometer is, where we can find nanotechnology or how ICN2 contributes in this field of science.

After that, they took a tour through the facilities of the ICN2 so they could discover some of the most relevant instruments that are used by the researchers. Then, Dr Aron Cummings, from the Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group, explained to them his work at the ICN2 putting special attention in the fact that mathematics is an essential tool for the development of his research.

The visit finished with the exhibition of two simple experiments which are made of quotidian materials and evidenced in a simple way the properties of matter at nanoscale and some of its implications. Specifically, one was about the conductive power of graphene and the other one related with the process of nanoencapsulation.