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Tuesday, 02 September 2014

Three ICN2 Group Leaders among the seven Spanish Speakers in GrapChina 2014

The International Graphene Innovation Conference (GrapChina, 2014) is a major event about Graphene, celebrated in Ningbo (China) from 1st to 3rd September. ICN2 will be there with three top Invited Speakers and institutional presence in the Spanish stand.

The International Graphene Innovation Conference (GrapChina, 2014) is dedicated to the enhancement of Graphene based technology, innovation and research. It is a major event organized by the China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA, China) and Phantoms Foundation (Spain) in Ningbo (China) from 1st to 3rd September. With three Invited Speakers ICN2 will play a relevant role during the Congress. Graphenea, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, ICFO and IEdiSA are the rest of Spanish institutions listed in a Final Program including up to seven speakers from Spain.

CGIA is a national alliance comprising dozens of top research institutions from China. It is designed to provide opportunity to knowledge sharing and networking for those engaged in research and development, and deployment from Graphene based industries with investors across the globe. ICN2 is working to establish a stable collaboration with institutions from China, an emerging actor in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

ICREA Research Prof. Stephan Roche, leader of the Theoretical and computational nanoscience Group, ICREA Research Professor Arben Merkoci, leader of the Nanobioelectronics and biosensors Group, and CISC Full Professor Pedro Gómez, leader of the Novel energy-oriented materials Group, are the three ICN2 top Invited Speakers offering a talk during this relevant event.

Listed below you can find the abstracts of the results they are presenting: Pedro Gomez-Romero (ICN2, Spain) "Synthesis of graphene nanocomposites for energy storage" http://www.grapchina.com/FILES/Abstracts/Speakers/Grachina2014_Gomez.pdf

Arben Merkoci (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), Spain) "Graphene-based sensing and biosensing platforms" http://www.grapchina.com/FILES/Abstracts/Speakers/Grachina2014_Merkoci.pdf

Stephan Roche (ICN2, Spain) "Understanding Charge Transport in Graphene-based Materials: From Concepts to Applications" http://www.grapchina.com/FILES/Abstracts/Speakers/Grachina2014_Roche.pdf

Additionally, ICN2 will have a relevant institutional presence in the Stand presenting the Spanish potential in the field of Graphene. Together with Graphenea, ICEX Espana Exportación e Inversiones and Phantoms Foundation, ICN2 will offer there an overview of its research lines related with Graphene and be presented as a key player in Southern Europe.