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Monday, 02 June 2014

Three new Doctors made in ICN2

Dr. Ali Afshar Farinya, Dr. Ingmar Neumann, and Dr. Marta Rubio successfully defended their Theses in the last few weeks.

In the last weeks three ICN2 students have successfully defended their research and become doctors. During their Thesis Defence these young researchers personified the excellence of the research made at ICN2.

The three new Doctors made in ICN2 are:

Ali Afshar Farinya Directors: Prof. Dr. Maria José Esplandiu Egido, CSIC Tenured Scientist at the Force Probe Microscopy and Surface Nanoengineering Group Tittle: Development and Performance analysis of Autonomous Catalytic Micropumps Date: May 15, 2014AbstractIngmar Neumann Directors: Prof. Dr. Sergio O. Valenzuela, ICREA Research Professor and Leader of the ICN2 Physics and Engineering of NanoDevices Group Tittle: Spin Transport and Thermoelectric Effects in Graphene Date: May 21, 2014Marta Rubio Directors: Dr Inhar Imaz, Ramón y Cajal Researcher at ICN2, and Prof Daniel Maspoch, ICREA Research Professor of the ICN2 Supramolecular NanoChemistry & Materials Group. Title: Coordination Polymer Nanofibers made of Amino Acids and Peptides and their Use as Templates to Synthesize Inorganic Nanoparticle Superstructures Date: May 28, 2014

The whole Institute congratulates you and wishes you a career full of encouraging discoveries.