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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

ICN2 will be at Graphene 2014

Graphene 2014 is the 4th edition of the annual Graphene Conference series, the largest European event in graphene.

ICN2 will be at Graphene 2014, held from the 6th through 9th of May in Toulouse, France, at the Centre de Congres Pierre Baudis.  Graphene 2014 is the 4th edition of the annual Graphene Conference series, the largest European event in graphene.  The conference highlights the state of the art in the field of graphene and attracts researchers, industry, policymakers, and investors from around the world.

ICREA Prof. Stephan Roche, leader of the Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience group at ICN2, is one of the three members of the organizing committee of the Graphene Conference series.  In addition to his critical role in organizing the conference, Prof. Roche will chair a workshop called Worldwide Graphene Initiatives, Funding, and Priorities.  Prof. Pablo Ordejón will give an oral presentation in the same workshop about graphene research at ICN2.

Several other ICN2 members will have an active role at Graphene 2014 with oral and poster presentations and a stand at the exhibition to showcase ICN2’s potential to collaborate with researchers and industries on the development of graphene-based applications.  The members of ICN2 who will be participating in the conference are listed below.

The conference will consist of plenary sessions, oral sessions for PhD students, poster sessions, and several workshops.  Topics that will be covered include applications of graphene-based materials; materials and devices characterization; theory and simulation; and worldwide graphene initiatives, funding, and priorities.


Session Chair

Stephan Roche: Worldwide Graphene Initiatives, Funding, and Priorities



Pablo Ordejón: Graphene Research at ICN2

Aron Cummings: Grain Boundary Resistivity in Polycrystalline Graphene

Dinh Van Tuan: Spin-Pseudospin Entanglement and Spin Relaxation in Graphene

Nicolas Leconte: PRACE: How a European Research Infrastructure Supports the Graphene Community

Rafael Martinez: Transport Fingerprints at Graphene Superlattice Dirac Points Induced by Boron-Nitride Substrate



Jose Eduardo Barrios Vargas: Pseudo-Gap Opening and Dirac Point Confined States in Doped Graphene

Jose Angel Silva-Guillén: Minimal Tight-Binding Model for Transition Metal Dichalcogenides


Exhibition Booth

Ayla Kiser and Alex Argemi, from the Marketing and Communication Department, are coordinating the ICN2 booth in Toulouse.