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Tuesday, 05 November 2013

ICN2 interviewed by LE MONDE

ICREA Professor Stephan Roche, from ICN2, highlights the role of the Graphene Flagship consortium in fostering industrial growth.

On Wednesday October 29, LE MONDE published an overview of challenges and opportunities in GRAPHENE, soon after the kick-off meeting of the GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP that was held in Gothenburg on October 10. ICN2 researcher, ICREA Prof. Stephan Roche was interviewed by LE MONDE to give some perspective about current technology transfer and future industrial impact. ICN2, founding member of the Graphene Flagship is currently involved in the scientific guidance of the GRAPHENE SPINTRONICS workpackage which will work during 30 months on demonstrating spin manipulation in graphene devices at room temperature.

ICN2 is also very active at the national level for designing a spanish strategy on graphene and is participating to a local initiative for building a bridge towards the catalan industry and facilitate innovation and economic impact.

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