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Monday, 01 October 2012

Professor Gustau Catalan joins ICN

Today ICN welcomes ICREA Research Professor Gustau Catalan, leader of the Oxide Nanoelectronics Group.

Today Prof Gustau Catalan joins ICN. He is the leader of the Oxide Nanoelectronics Group at CIN2 (the joint initiative between ICN and CSIC). The transfer of Prof Catalan from CSIC to ICN is one of the first stages in the creation of the new Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), which will merge the most competitive groups from ICN with those from CSIC currently at CIN2.

Prof Catalan's Group aims to explore and exploit the emerging phenomena of electronic oxides at the nanoscale, and in particular, what happens to the functional properties of oxide materials made to be very thin or very small. This interest in oxides (especially in perovskites) stems from their combination of structural simplicity and diverse electronic properties, including ferroelectricity, magnetoelectricity and metal-insulator transitions.

Prof Catalan earned his undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona (1997), and his PhD in Physics from Queen's University of Belfast (2001). He then held research positions at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (2002-2004), the University of Groningen (2004-2005) and the University of Cambridge (2005-2009). In 2009 he joined ICREA as a Group Leader at CIN2. Earlier this year, he was awarded a prestigious European Research Council Starting Grant (ERC-StG), for €1.5 million, to support his research.