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Wednesday, 01 February 2012

ICN Group Leader Discusses Graphene on TVE 2 Programme

Professor Stephan Roche was one of various experts to appear in a recent episode of TVE 2 programme Tres14 dedicated to the high-tech materials of tomorrow.

Stephan Roche, ICN Group Leader and ICREA Professor at UAB, was one of various experts featured in a recent episode of the channel TVE 2 programme Tres14, entitled 'Litio por petroleo' (Lithium Instead of Petroleum). The episode explored the technological materials of the future, such as lithium, carbon nanotubes, and graphene, discussing their potential applications as well as their political and economic implications

Professor Roche, who leads ICN's Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group, is a theoretical physicist and a world authority on graphene behaviour. In the programme, he explains the fascinating properties of this promising material which has recently been thrust into the spotlight.

Graphene, a flexible sheet comprising a single layer of carbon atoms, is extremely light yet incredibly strong, an impressive electrical and thermal conductor, and environmentally harmless. Owing to this remarkable combination of advantages, graphene is expected to define a new era of technology: from complementing silicon in the flexible microchips of tomorrow, to redefining how information is stored and processed in computers, to providing the basis for the next generation of smartphones.

'Litio por petroleo' aired on TVE 2 on Sunday, 29 January. The full episode can be viewed online for free on the RTVE website (see link above).

Watch 'Litio por petroleo' online here