Thursday, 20 January 2022

Clip-off Chemistry: a powerful novel strategy for synthesising new materials

A paper recently published in the prestigious journal “Angewandte Chemie” proposes a novel approach to the synthesis of molecular structures that can allow material scientists to design and build a set of new materials. By splitting in a controlled way only selected bonds in the lattice of some molecules or materials, structures exhibiting different properties from the original ones are obtained. This work was coordinated by ICN2 group leader Prof. Daniel Maspoch and ICN2 senior researcher Dr Inhar Imaz.

Thursday, 13 January 2022

The ICN2 joins the International Network for Sustainable Nanotechnology

The ICN2 is now among the academic members of the N4SN consortium of leading organizations in the field of nanotechnology. Its main function is the promotion of nanotechnology advancement and applications as a key mechanism for sustainability to bring positive and impactful solutions to society.

Thursday, 13 January 2022

State of the art and prospects in AttoSens, techniques for detecting ultra-low concentrations of analytes

A paper in “Chemical Society Review” discusses the progress over the last ten years in the development of biological and chemical sensing platforms for the detection of target analytes at ultra-low abundance level (attomolar). This work was coordinated by ICN2 group leader ICREA Prof. Arben Merkoçi and Prof. V.V.R. Sai, from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM).

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Open Knowledge Programme: Intellectual Property and Innovation

Dr. Pablo Pomposiello, Leader of the Business and Innovation Department, and Jordi Reverter, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Officer, discussed intellectual property protection, innovation and translation of technology from research to industry in a two-day appointment of the OKP series.