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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Three leaders share their experience in an ICN2 Technology Transfer Round Table

On April 20th, Prof Laura M Lechuga, Dr Xavi Marti and Dr Pere Adell i Winkler, participated in the ICN2 Technology Transfer Round Table to discuss about business entrepreneurship in fields like nanomedicine, cosmetics and smart cities.

On Monday April 20th, ICN2 reunited three experts in business entrepreneurship and technology transfer to share their knowledge about the matter. The three invited speakers where CSIC Prof Laura M Lechuga, Group Leader of the NanoBiosensors and Bioanalytical Applications Group and driving force of two spin-off companies (SENSIA, SL and BIOD, SL), Dr Pere Adell i Winkler, CEO and founder of KOSMETIKON SCP, and Dr Xavier Marti,  CEO at IGS Research and collaborator of the ICN2 Oxide Nanoelectronics Group. They talked about entrepreneurship applied to societal challenges like nanomedicine, cosmetics and smart cities, among other topics.

The session started with the introduction of the speakers by Alex Argemi, Marketing and Communication Manager. The event was organized by the ICN2 Knowledge and Technology Transfer Department, led by Jordi Recerter, in collaboration with the ICN2 Marketing and Communication Department and Dr. Xavier Marti. After the presentations each of them explained their experience related with starting a business related to scientific research.

Prof Laura M. Lechuga, who entitled her intervention as ‘From Science to Market’, explained to the attendants all the steps she took to develop de different business she is involved in. The success cases of SENSIA SL and BIOD SL were studied. Moreover, she gave some ideas and advices that everyone who wants to start a spin-off should consider. She encouraged the audience to work hard (luck does not exist, she said) and get informed about the existing opportunities to protect research results.

Dr Xavier Marti shared a motivational talk about how science is not limited to the laboratories putting as an example his career in nanotechnology. He remarked the importance of developing prototypes in addition to having good ideas. He claimed that in ten years all the researchers attending the talk would be in some way related to a company, as the collaboration among public research and companies is the future of research. He suggested sharing ideas and cooperating with other people, because it is through interaction that important things happen.

As the last intervention, Dr Adell shared his professional career and also remarked some tips to consider when starting an own business. He developed ideas such as the importance of applying one’s knowledge and hiring people to do what you are not good at. Good contacts are crucial, as well as behaving always as a good professional, being confidential and honest. His piece of advice was developing a detailed business plan before going ahead with a business idea.

Finally, Jordi Reverter, ICN2 Technology Transfer Manager, encouraged the attendants to start their own business and to ask for help in any related matter. Many questions and ideas flourished establishing a debate that hopefully will end in new advances towards the application of the knowledge developed by the event attendees.