ICN2 Training Event

13 July

Carbon and related nanomaterials: synthesis, characterization, properties and applications in energy

13 July 2020 - 17 July 2020

2nd International Summer School

An introduction into the field of carbon nanomaterials and related systems and energy applications aimed at students interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology, studies in physics, chemistry or engineering.

ICN2 Involved Researcher: Prof Mónica Lira Cantu, Nanostructured Materials for Photovoltaic Energy Group Leader 

Jaca, Huesca, Spain

Barcelona Nanocluster

Technology Transfer Event

15 July

Open Innovation Forum


Solucions a Reptes d'innovacio en els sectors salut i ciències de la vida, alimentació, química, energia i recursos, sistemes industrials i mobilitat a Catalunya.  

ICN2 Theses Defence

Congresses and Workshops

ICN2 participated Congresses and Workshops

31 August


31 August 2020 - 04 September 2020

A large international ON LINE conference covering all aspects of condensed matter physics.

ICN2 Involved Researchers: Prof Aitor Mugarza, Atomic Manipulation and spectroscopy Group Leader and Dr César Moreno, Senior Researcher at the same group, are organising the ONLINE MINI-COLLOQUIUM on "PHYSICS IN 2D NANOARCHITECTONICS"

Abstract submission Deadline: 30 June. Please use this template.

17 September

5th Scientific Meeting of PhD Students at UAB campus (JPhD2020)

17 September 2020 - 18 September 2020

Organised by PhD students of the ICMAB, IMB-CNM, ICN2 and UAB.

This scientific meeting of PhD students is mainly addressed to PhD students of any year, who are interested in sharing their research and connecting with other research groups.

ICN2 involved Students: Saptam Ganguly, Nanostructured Materials for Photovoltaic Energy Group and Pilar Bernícola & Marta Delgà from Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group - Organising Committee


UAB and IMB-CNM, Campus UAB, Bellaterra, Barcelona

23 September

NanoScientific Forum Europe 2020

23 September 2020 - 25 September 2020



ICN2 Involved Researcher: Dr Neus Domingo, CSIC Distinguished Reseacher at Advanced AFM Laboratory and  Oxide Nanophysics Group - Keynote Speaker

Technology Transfer Event