Strategy Development Office

The mission of the ICN2 Strategy Development Office is to anticipate and provide a response to the challenges faced by the institute on the long and short term. This involves addressing issues at the national and international levels to improve the institute’s responsiveness to an ever-changing global context. Aside from coordinating initiatives of strategic institutional importance, the office has a keen focus on improving resourcefulness when securing funds for future research, and on driving forward the business development of in-house technologies.

All actions are aligned with the ICN2’s mission to become a world-leading research institution.

The core activities led by the Strategy Development Office are as follows:

  • Design and implementation of the ICN2 Strategic Plan
  • Preparation and coordination of strategically-important institutional projects
  • Provision of advanced research funding support to individual researchers and research groups
  • Guidance for forming productive relationships with industry and the business community, with the ultimate goal of commercialising ICN2 technologies
Jose Antonio Garrido Ariza

Head of Strategy Development Office, ICREA Research Professor, Group Leader and Vice Director

Jose Antonio Garrido Ariza