Human Resources

The ICN2 Human Resources Department focuses on the people of the ICN2, providing effective talent attraction, selection, development and assessment processes, as well as a set of user-friendly guidelines and tools. Its mission is to support growth and career development through the cultivation of an attractive institutional environment.

The department’s policies contribute to making the ICN2 a workplace where people can thrive, share their experience and exchange new ideas. The institute was awarded the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research logo in recognition of its commitment to career development, equal opportunities, transparency and favourable working conditions.

2019 brought plenty of changes to the HR Department. Still, it kept developing the training actions in the institutional training plan and coordinating the Monitoring assessment for the 1st year PhD Students included in the institutional PhD programme. The Mentoring programme, which started in 2018, has continued opened as a way to facilitate exchange between the ICN2 members and offer tools for a stronger career development.

Human resources strategy for researchers action plan

Julio César Gómez Navarro

Head of Human Resources

Julio César Gómez Navarro